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Navigate a Quickly-Changing World

Sometimes we need help seeing big picture

Growth is not fluffy. The same strategic approaches that grow a business can grow a person. I’ve worked in fast-paced environments, deployed to conflict zones, and worked with my share of no-nonsense individuals. Growth is not linear; it’s lateral. Growth is strategic and intuitive. It’s about seeing the full picture, filtering through the noise, and synthesizing into actionable next steps that align with goals. I blend proprietary strategic frameworks, life experience, and a lot of heart to offer customized coaching and consulting services.


I offer private coaching to high-achieving individuals who need support navigating the human experience. I specialize in working with entrepreneurs, C-level executives, and former military/special forces operators. 

I work with men and women, but I allocate a majority of my coaching for men. I especially enjoy providing a safe and structured space for men to explore areas that they’ve felt silenced to discuss. We all need permission sometimes. 

Individual coaching is tailored to the person but, as humans, we struggle with the same over-arching themes. Because I’ve worked in unforgiving industries, I understand the pressure to persist when what’s usually needed is a bit of self-reflection and breathing space. Everything is connected and our internal experience greatly influences our external success.

We will discuss your needs during our initial session, then get to work using a variety of proprietary frameworks that I use in my own life and with clients.

Private coaching is offered two ways:

  1. Weekly Bundle Package: This is an initial four-week commitment, with one hour-long session per week. Additional supplementary calls can be purchased. 
  2. Intensive in-person training: I offer in-person coaching that can be organized into one full-day session, or two half-day sessions. Flights and lodging paid for by client.

Our time is valuable. Let’s make sure we’re a good fit to work together. If interested, please schedule a free 30-minute call to gauge alignment. 

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Nadine’s keynote “Trusting Your Internal Compass: How curiosity and exploration lead to a more successful and enjoyable life” is offered as a half-day workshop for groups or corporate trainings.  

In this workshop, I’ll lead your group to reflect on their relationship with self and their current level of self-trust. Together we will dismantle how growth is usually seen in a corporate setting and give them permission and courage to explore. By creating a broader identity, we increase adaptability, realign purpose, and build a more multi-faceted life. 

I can also craft customized workshops. If you have a specific group need and think I can help, please provide details on your organization or group event, the theme, and what you’re hoping to achieve. 

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Business Consulting

For select opportunities, I offer global consulting for multinational corporations and governments seeking strategic guidance. These are shorter-term projects. This might be a good fit for you if your organization needs help: 

  • Crafting a forward-looking assessment on how your business fits into the global landscape    
  • Identifying the best countries, regions and/or sectors for business expansion   
  • Generating go-to market strategies or evolving current strategic goals   
  • Understanding how culture impacts your goals and improving foreign business relationships 

If you’re interested in working with me on business consulting projects, please provide a brief project description and timeline. If the project feels in alignment and I have availability, we will schedule a call to discuss further. 

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Nadine has worked with governments, international organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

Her insight and expertise have been sought after by global multibillion dollar corporations and our nation’s leaders, including the White House, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense.

About Nadine Salem

I blend my aptitude for international business and human connection to lead governments, Fortune 100 companies, and individuals. During my career in Washington DC, I worked in national security and management consulting, where I advised our nation’s leaders, including the White House, Department of State, and Department of Defense. In 2017, I started my own strategy consulting firm and have worked with global players including Pfizer, Walmart, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But this is only one side of me. If you ask me who I am, I’ll also say I’m a passionate storyteller who uses speaking, writing, and music to foster connection and share new perspectives. I’m a deeply curious person and an explorer by nature. I don’t believe in stranger danger because I believe strangers can be powerful teachers. Work and personal pursuits had led me around the globe and shown me the extent to which culture impacts business. As a Palestinian-American, I have a particular fondness for the Middle East and have worked throughout the region, including war zones.

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