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Leveraging strategic acumen and  perspective to thrive in today’s world.

You’re not seeing the full picture. We rarely do.

Nadine helps global enterprises, individuals, and governments see the big picture, connect the pieces, and identify growth strategies — whether for business or the soul.

Become Undeniably Resilient.

How to use connection and exploration for deepening self-trust and spiritual health.

Nadine’s insight will expand your perspective and how you experience the world. Learn why she’s the ideal choice to keynote your next event. 

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Let’s face it… the human experience is tough, and the world moves fast.

It’s not for the faint hearted. We experience the whole spectrum of emotions over the course of a lifetime, yet no one teaches us how to navigate the hard stuff. Loss is a universal thread. People fear change, yet today’s world is evolving at unprecedented levels. And we live in a society that loves practicalities, but that’s not what feeds our soul. 

More than ever, people feel disconnected and depleted. 

But there’s more than meets the eye. Each experience has been purposefully placed, whether we see it or not. Sometimes all it takes is a shift of perspective. 

Nadine is a passionate storyteller, global strategist, and world citizen.

She blends her expertise in international business and human connection to lead governments, global companies, and individuals. Her stories merge her work experiences and spiritual learnings.

Loss and exploration have been powerful teachers in Nadine’s life. In 2008, Nadine experienced a deep personal loss, catalyzing her spiritual journey. Shortly after, the market crashed. She accepted a job offer with one of the few places hiring at the time, the US Government, propelling her on a career in Washington DC that spanned national security and management consulting before she started her own company in 2017. Nadine has traveled the globe and advised at the highest level of government and private institutions. She has also spent the past 15 years deeply committed to matters of the human spirit. What has she found?… Everything is connected.

Meet Nadine

Nadine has worked with governments, international organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

Her insight and expertise have been sought after by global multibillion dollar corporations and our nation’s leaders, including the White House, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense.

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Nadine shares insight and proprietary frameworks that cultivate self-awareness, foster connection, and strengthen meaning and resiliency.

Trusting Your Internal Compass

How curiosity and exploration lead to a more successful and enjoyable life.

Collecting Strangers

Unlearning Stranger Danger to foster connection in our daily lives.

Transforming Pain to Purpose

Navigating loss to find meaning and using it to ignite our purpose.

Customized Concert Talks

Customized talks that include a live musical performance showcasing original songs.

Strategic and Intuitive Expertise Trusted Around the Globe

Other Ways to Work with Nadine

Nadine’s unmatched perception and forward-thinking approach to strategy have helped companies and individuals find direction in hard-to-navigate environments. She offers coaching, workshops, and consulting services.

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