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Keynotes that Shift Your Perspective

Unique insight from real-life experiences that inspire, challenge, and show the interconnected of everything. 

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Keynotes that Shift Your Perspective

Unique insight from real-life experiences that inspire, challenge, and show the interconnected of everything. 

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Nadine is a passionate storyteller who uses writing, speaking, and music to foster connection and share new perspectives. Throughout her career, she has advised at the highest level of public and private institutions, including the US government and Fortune 50 companies. Her stories merge her work experiences and spiritual learnings. 

Professional and personal pursuits have taken Nadine all over the world. Her innate curiosity has cultivated conversations with people from all corners and walks of life. Nadine has spoken internationally on themes such as resilience, exploration, and spirituality. Her goal is to help people reconnect to the magic, to themselves, and to each other, to strengthen meaning in the human experience.

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Trusting Your Internal Compass: How curiosity and exploration lead to a more successful and enjoyable life

In this keynote, Nadine gives you the freedom to approach life from a place of exploration. She shares examples of how following our curiosity directly connects us to our purpose and instills self-trust. She encourages people to choose experiences from a place of interest, rather than identity. In doing so, we become stronger professionals and multi- faceted humans with a broader toolkit for life. 

Leaving this presentation, you audience will: 

  • Learn to trust their internal compass and use exploration as a tool for developing self- trust 
  • Reframe optimal growth as lateral versus linear 
  • Approach all life experiences as contributing to our purpose 
  • Adopt A.N.E.W. framework: All New Experiences Are Worthy

Transforming Pain to Purpose: Navigating loss to find meaning and using it to ignite our purpose

With love comes loss. With birth comes death. In this keynote, Nadine shares her journey of finding meaning after loss and challenges participants to consider their own journeys with grief. She shares practical insight on how to find peace after loss, and use our losses to live a purpose-driven life. By finding meaning in our grief, we can heal. 

Leaving this presentation, you audience will:

  • Feel safe to experience their grief authentically and without judgement 
  • Understand the relationship between healing and finding meaning 
  • Reframe how they view loss 
  • Leave feeling hopeful that, whatever occurs in life, they will live meaningful lives 

Customized Concert Talks

Combining her insight and passion for music, Nadine offers customized speaking events where she incorporates musical performance. She accompanies the themes she speaks about with original songs that she sings and plays on acoustic guitar. Sometimes music touches us in ways words alone cannot. These are intimate events. The audience will leave feeling inspired and reconnected to the human journey. 

5 Reasons You Should Book Nadine



Your audience will feel seen. Nadine has an astute ability to connect with people and instinctively understand their unique challenges, fears and hopes. She is gifted with reading the energy of a room and brings an emotional awareness to conversations.


Your audience will gain new perspectives. Nadine is a collector of stories and has a memorable and humorous way of sharing her perspectives. Clients have commended her “creative, outside-the-box” approach.


Your audience will see possibilities. Nadine is a forward-looking thinker who naturally finds patterns and connects the big-picture. She helps others develop innovative approaches and view situations from different vantage points.


Your audience will be engaged. Nadine has worked in multiple industries and sectors. She has briefed ambassadors, advised top companies, and trained with energy healers. She has a natural aptitude for seeing the unique mindset of a person and tailoring her message so that it’s relevant and received.


Your audience will feel inspired. As a singer-songwriter, Nadine can blend modalities to craft unique and memorable experiences. All humans are creative and multifaceted. Through her insight, she gives others the courage and permission to explore.
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Nadine has worked with governments, international organizations, and Fortune 100 companies.

Her insight and expertise have been sought after by global multibillion dollar corporations and our nation’s leaders, including the White House, the Department of State, and the Department of Defense.

About Nadine Salem

I blend my aptitude for international business and human connection to lead governments, Fortune 100 companies, and individuals. During my career in Washington DC, I worked in national security and management consulting, where I advised our nation’s leaders, including the White House, Department of State, and Department of Defense. In 2017, I started my own strategy consulting firm and have worked with global players including Pfizer, Walmart, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

But this is only one side of me. If you ask me who I am, I’ll also say I’m a passionate storyteller who uses speaking, writing, and music to foster connection and share new perspectives. I’m a deeply curious person and an explorer by nature. I don’t believe in stranger danger because I believe strangers can be powerful teachers. Work and personal pursuits had led me around the globe and shown me the extent to which culture impacts business. As a Palestinian-American, I have a particular fondness for the Middle East and have worked throughout the region, including war zones.

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